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Our roastery would like some input in creating our latest blends, can you help us?

We offer sensory evaluation, recipe creation, and blend ratio proposals for each of the coffees on your roastery’s offer list.

We have multiple cafes but struggle with consistency, how can you help us?

We offer an assessment of the entire group of cafes and based on the results we then build a system that enables consistency amongst the cafes from workflow, flavour, and quality. To further re-embellish these good qualities, we offer monthly reports focusing on growth points and training needs.

Can you help us create a training program specific to our company?

Absolutely, we not only train individuals but also help create a company-specific training program to ensure that all future baristas of the company receive thorough training.

I would like to compete in the next barista champs but need some guidance.

No problem, we offer coaching for both the Barista and Cup Tasters divisions, with a combination of both distance and in-person learning.


When is the next coffee experience?

We run monthly coffee cuppings and/or coffee tastings.

How do I book for an experience?

You can book right here.

Do you offer a private/personalised experiences?

Yes, we run personalised & private experiences at your café, birthday party, or anywhere else at your request!